As a Technology promoter, founded a non-profit NGO namely Condition Monitoring Society of India (CMSI) with likeminded colleagues and friends in 2003 with the national character that would guide Indian Industry towards self-reliance and improved productivity with better profit margins through the application of condition-based maintenance strategies. Imparted specialized knowledge on how to diagnose the condition without shutdown of our national assets like bridges, machinery in industries like steel, cement, fertilizers, power plants, automobiles, aircraft, ships, railways with a view to reduce break downs and increase productivity. In consideration of this contribution in this field, GITAM University has instituted “Dr V Bhujanga Rao Endowment  Annual Lecture” in his honour from 2012.

The speakers list as follows:

    • 2012    Dr B K Nagaraja Rao, COMADEM, UK
    • 2013     Prof V Ramamurthi   IITM
    • 2014     Dr Kota Harinarayana, ADA, Bangalore
    • 2015     Dr P S Goel, Former Secretary, MoES
    • 2016      Dr Baldev Raj,DAE& Director,NIAS
    • 2017      Prof Rajkumar Roy, Dean,Univ of London
    • 2018      Prof Amaresh Chakrabarti, IISc
    • 2019      Prof A R Mohanty, IITKH

Condition Monitoring as envisioned in 2003 has become now an important part of Industry 4.0  revolution which is sweeping all nations.